A pixel-art adventure game with survival touches about a circus in the 1920s. A story full of mysteries, tragedies and pain.


The story is inspired by the freak circuses that used to be seen in the 20s of the last century.

According to the story of the game, in 1921 the famous Vlad Circus caught fire in a catastrophe that left hundreds of deaths. The owner's brother was found guilty and executed in the electric chair. Following the tragedy, the circus troupe was disbanded. Eight years later, the group of grotesque characters go on a date with the aim of re-founding it.

Accompanying gorgeous pixel art and dynamic lighting, the game boasts tremendous sound. From the clock of a clock to the thunder of an endless storm (the weather is also dynamically generated), it is pure pleasure for the senses.


  • Take control of Oliver Mills who must escape the world of nightmares that torments him.

  • The protagonist must explore a vast number of locations while solving puzzles and facing the dangers that arise as a result of his trauma.

  • Oliver's health is very poor and fighting is not the best option but sometimes there is no other way.

  • Darkness is a constant along the game, limited visibility hides many surprises but also many dangers.

  • He can use, combine and equip a variety of inventory items to interact with the environment, solve puzzles, regain health and defend against the strange beings that haunt him.


  • Single player, adventure game with gorgeous pixel-art style and survival touches. Narrative, puzzles, inventory management, dialogues and slow paced action.

  • A dark twisted tale of psychological terror with a shocking ending. An unpredictable experience with an ending you will never forget.

  • Puzzle-solving elements, basic survival mechanics and slow-paced combat.

  • Cool 2D lighting system.

  • 40+ different locations. A labyrinthine nineteenth century mansion to explore along with unique outdoor areas.

  • +30 characters (including circus animals).

  • Juicy dialogs written by Durgan A. Nallar (author of the game novel "The Story of Vlad Circus".

  • +100 inventory items.

  • Limited/Expandable inventory with equip/combine/ use/drop capabilities.

  • Personal Diary to log annotations, clipping and the location of dropped items.

Novel Book

The novel focuses on the years before the fire (1921). We're designing the game and the book in a way that any combination works. You can play the game and read the book later, you can read the book and play the game later or even play and read the book simultaneously. It's your choice.

Initially, it will be available in Spanish and English in digital and physical formats.