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In 1921 the famous Vlad Circus caught fire in a catastrophe that left hundreds of deaths. The owner's brother was found guilty and executed in the electric chair. Following the tragedy, the circus troupe was disbanded. Eight years later, the group of grotesque characters go on a date with the aim of re-founding it.


Discover a story full of mystery and pain where every shadow hides a twisted secret or vicious threat, and no one is safe from tragedy.

Experience the chilling story of a 1920s freak circus that burned to the ground, and the grotesque quest to found the circus anew. Follow the tormented Oliver Mills as he struggles to survive and escape.


  • Fall into the evocative pixel art, envelop yourself in the all-encompassing sound, and be enthralled by rich dialogue.

  • A twisting, psychological horror tale with an unforgettable ending.

  • Puzzle-solving elements and survival mechanics.

  • Limited inventory with use, combine, drop and equip actions.

  • Over 50+ locations, 50+ items and 15+ characters.

  • Enchanting pixel art and dazzling 2D lighting system.

  • Personal diary helps you keep track of everything that's going on: notes, remarks, dropped objects and a map.

  • Experience a world of twists and surprises.

  • Original soundtrack.

  • Two difficulty modes:

    • Story - For players who want to experience the story with a moderate combat experience.

    • Challenge - For players who want a more demanding combat experience.

  • Languages: Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), English, German, French and Russian.

Novel Book (prequel)

The Story of Vlad Circus is an optional novel book which explores more of the background story of the characters during the golden circus years in 1921. You can play and read in any order even simultaneously.