Vlad circus: A freak tale

A pixel-art horror adventure game with survival touches set in the nineteen-twenties. A circus, a tragic fire and a shocking end. The game also includes an optional novel book.


The story is inspired by the freak circuses that used to be seen in the 20s of the last century. In this case, it is a survival horror; that is, there is narrative, puzzles, inventory management and dialogues and action.

According to the story of the game, in 1921 the famous Vlad Circus caught fire in a catastrophe that left hundreds of deaths. The owner's brother was found guilty and executed in the electric chair. Following the tragedy, the circus troupe was disbanded. Eight years later, the group of grotesque characters go on a date with the aim of re-founding it.

Accompanying gorgeous pixel art and dynamic lighting, the game boasts tremendous sound. From the clock of a clock to the thunder of an endless storm (the weather is also dynamically generated), it is pure pleasure for the senses.

Novel Book

The novel will investigate the years before the fire, deepening the personality of the strange members of Circus Vlad. Initially, it will be available in Spanish & English (digital / Physical). Both, the game and the novel are complementary components. They don't spoil each other. You can play, then read, read then play or even play and read in parallel.